The highlight of my Halloween!

The school I work for still celebrates Halloween each year with a costume parade and contest.  It's always the highlight of my year, and this year was no exception. 
 There were lots of great costume ideas throughout the entire school, but the 8th grade class were the icing on the cake!  All 24 of our 8th graders worked really hard TOGETHER! to put on this flash mob display for the entire school of 200 students and at least as many parent spectators.  Their hard work and cooperation made us all extremely proud! 
The video doesn't do justice to the incredible job these kids did with their costumes.  Every single student went the whole nine yards to create their own homemade zombie costume.  Torn and bloody clothes, fantastic zombie make-up, crazy teased up hair-dos, they looked GREAT!  
 Everyone got together in the evenings to practice, worked extremely hard, and best of all, kept it a total secret from the entire school.  Can you imagine 24 kids, 12 and 13-years-old, keeping a secret for two whole months while this was in the makings!  That in itself is amazing!  And so are these kids.
Way to go!